I have installed Nokia Activ Server 2.1 on Solaris 8
I think I have problems starting the server when I ran ./wapserver as the system seems to hang after it reached the end of the line "Config update: Licensing.config"

Operating System: SunOS 5.8

ServerMgr: RemoteServerMgr bound, rmi://localhost:1099/SC_000
ServerMgr: Traffic Broker, waiting for first-time connection
ServerMgr: Database Manager, waiting for first-time connection
ServerMgr: Cluster Manager, loading libraries
ServerMgr: Cluster Manager, library loading completed
ServerMgr: Cluster Manager, initialising components
ServerMgr: Server Core, waiting for first-time connection
RMIAdminSrv: RMI Manager bound in registry, port 1099
WAPManager: WAPManager bound in registry, port 1099
ServerMgr: Cluster Manager, component initialisation completed
ServerMgr: Cluster Manager initialised, starting subsystem
ServerMgr: Cluster Manager started
Config update: Licensing.config

Nothing happens after that, and no $ prompt was shown. I think the system had stalled and this happens all the time.

Does anyone knows how to solve this?

Thanks in advance