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    server socket and ip of a mobile phone

    Hello all,

    I am doing a final year project and i will make a peer to peer mobile application, but at first, as an example, I am planning to do an application like classic "ping-pong". I have no experience on mobile connections, so maybe my question is strange. In ping pong application, one of the phones will be server and the other one will be client, i will use sockets, so i need a normal socket connection and a server socket connection. And my client phone will connect to server phone and send "ping" message , after that my server phone reply to my client with "pong" message. But i need ip address of my server phone so how can i reach the ip of my server phone, or else how can i connect my server? In forums i have read that its impossible, because providers dont let it. If you have an idea please share.... Thank you !

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    Re: server socket and ip of a mobile phone

    You'll need to re-think. Either connect both phones to a server (say, a web server), or use bluetooth for the connection. Your phone does not have a public IP address, you cannot connect to a ServerSocketConnection from another device. ServerSocketConnections are only used for interprocess communication, which is why they are only supported on devices with multitasking operating systems.


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