Hi Qt Symbian experts.

We are a games developer and publisher of games for mobile devices (J2ME, iPhone, Android etc.) and consoles (DS, PSP).

We have our in-house middleware that handles compilation for multiple platforms, both Java/J2ME and C++ targets.

Traditionally, we have always done the following when doing our multiplatform games:

1. Develop a reference version (in out own reduced-Java-like language) with full feature set, that runs on our PC framework/runtime.
2. Deploy it for J2ME targets (including Symbian J2ME targets) and Android.
3. Deploy it for C++ targets (DS, PSP, iPhone).

Now the thing is, while this approach works, it does not quite do the Symbian devices good justice in terms of graphics and sound performance (the J2ME implementation is still somewhat lacking behind native performance it seems).

Normally when distributin through the tradional carriers portals and such, this approach for mobiles, made sense, since most carriers didn't accept native apps.

But now since we have the Ovi Store, we gather it is "relatively" easier now to do native games for Symbian devices. We have seen a couple of native games on the store, and the quality pf those games are significantly better in terms of gfx performance and sound.

My questions are:

- If we were to add Symbian native support in our in-house build-tool and engine, what API would make the most sense to use, the old S60 API/Avkon (or whatever it is called) or Qt?

- If using Qt, will it be possible to have fast access to framebuffers and fullscreen drawing, alpha channel support, multi-channel sound etc.?

- We are mainly doing 2D games, but like to use 3D api's to able to rotate and scaling sprites etc. What is good practice here on S60 and/or Qt?

- Does it make more sense to bypass Qt and/S60 gui entirely, and grab low-level draw API's instead? (Do such even exist and how?)

The thing is, we are not sure, that doing a S60 API version is the best way to go, since we do not have much experience with it, and secondly we want the process to be as smooth as possible (it is all a question of economics and potential sale etc.).

We would really like to be able to deliver top-notch, perhaps on par with iPhone (or close) games for the Symbian devices.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Henrik Weide, Progressive Media.