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    Changing Application Icon on the Device

    OK I will show my ignorance again here.. I am nearly finished with my application code and as a last item I am trying to change the application icon front the standard "puzzle" to my beautifully designed SVG icon.

    I thought by simply replacing the qgn_menu_appl with my custom icon will do the trick, so started my long and frustrated journey of tracking down where the elusive puzzle icon resides. Looking through the maze of SDK help file, wiki articles
    HTML Code:
    and various other articles and I am still not clear where I need to make the change. One articles mentions that sometimes the new icon does not show up due to caching, but I have rebooted my device after installing the application to no avail. I am absolutely sure that it is something trivial (like finding just right folder to replace the current icon) but I am at a loss to find it.. please help...

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    Re: Changing Application Icon on the Device

    Also check the the LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO resource and see what filename you have given for the icon.

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