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Thread: Moving an image

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    Moving an image

    i want to move a image from one point to another by dragging.if i leave dragging in between(without reaching to the another point)
    then image should go back to their intial position.how do i implement this?????

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    Re: Moving an image

    Implement that sentence in C++. Store the initial coordinates when dragging starts, and check the end coordinates when it ends. If the end coordinates indicate that the user has dragged the item all the way to some accepted location, consider the drag complete (you can adjust the coordinates for providing a better look), otherwise restore the original coordinates.

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    Question Re: Moving an image

    I am also doing something similar.
    I know the logic for detecting drags.
    But i want info about moving the image.
    I saw the graphics ex in the s60 sample apps.
    There they are redrawing both the sprites as well as the background every time the timer ticks.
    Do i have to redraw the background as well as foreground every time?
    Isnt there a better option available.

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