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    How to identify the type of the tag?


    I am developing an application the store a telephone no, URI, sms into a tag using a Desktop NFC Reader.
    before sending the data, i want to know the type of tag, so that if it is a UL tag then i have to write 4bytes of data in each of its block, if it is a 1K tag, then i can write 16 bytes of data in each data blocks(starting from 4) of a sector.


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    Re: How to identify the type of the tag?

    Not sure how are u getting the tags,But if u r fetching the tags one at a time
    u can compare them using literal descriptor and see which tag it is.

    Like if the tag that is brought by a function is "Values"

    //do operation

    where ur obj gets the tags after reading from whichever file.

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