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    Can't run my APP on actual 7210 device.

    I have tired many times, my program works fine on my 7210
    emulator, but when i tired to install it into acutal 7210 device.
    it just said "can't run application error". Even using
    same jad and jar file.

    Doesn't any know why? or having this experience before??

    I also read previous dicussion on 7210 emulator in this forum
    someone said " The 7210 emulator most likely does not work as the real product when it comes to memory allocation."
    is that true?, and how do we get our program right? that
    can run on actual device?

    I have tried to rewrite jad file and recomplie using
    WTK 1.0.4 many times, but it just can't get it work.

    Here is the program i wrote


    Screen shot


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    on my 6610 it runs fine

    nice game
    and nice gfx


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