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    Difference Between GET & POST method

    Hi guys,
    can any one pls tell ,what is the difference between HTTP GET & POST method?

    and pls answer the following Q

    1.is it possible to send data to server by GET mtd? (like www.xyz.com?data)

    2.if yes how much data we can attach?

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    Re: Difference Between GET & POST method

    that would be rather basic, question so you could maybe google for complete answer, anyway GET request often have Url encoded data, where as POST would have the data in a separate entity in teh body.

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    Re: Difference Between GET & POST method

    Yes, you can send such data in the request URI.

    GET and POST are semantically different. GET queries should not modify the underlying resource on the server. If the data you're sending is query parameters, then it's ok. If the data is for example modifying a database, you should use other HTTP verbs such as POST/PUT/DELETE instead.

    Maximum length of a GET request URL is implementation dependent. Typically you start to see servers return e.g. 413 Entity Too Large errors at about 2kB (Apache httpd).


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    Re: Difference Between GET & POST method

    there total 12 different method that can be used with htttp but the GET and POST methods are mostly used. The main difference between them is already told to you. You get more information on google alsio.

    I think there is no restriction of data sze if you are using a POST method but if you are using a GET method than the data size is tthe restriced by the maximum size of the url that can be possible as data is sent along with the url.
    Jajal Mehul

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