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    Question RSocket::Read() failed!

    Hi,everybody! There is a promble:
    When I use Read() to receive data from romote BT device, it's blocked! But if I use RecvOneOrMore(), it's ok.

    Codes followed:

    delete iDatagramBuffer;
    iDatagramBuffer = NULL;
    iDatagramBuffer = HBufC8::NewL( BufferLength );
    iSocket.Read(iPtr, iStatus); //blocked!

    TSockXfrLength MaxLength = 2000; //ok!
    iSocket.RecvOneOrMore(iPtr, 0, iStatus, MaxLength);

    How I can use Read() successful? Please help me!

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    Re: RSocket::Read() failed!

    maybe you could try using RecvOneOrMore.

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    Re: RSocket::Read() failed!

    RTFM maybe? Read completes when the given buffer is full, or some error happens.

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