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    Problems with Nokia E71x Fire key

    Hi Forum,

    I am kotesh working as a mobile developer. I am seeing some problem with Nokia E71x device's FIRE key.When i click on the fire key i do not get any key pressed event with a key code, instead gets a command action with one of the soft keys.

    I have tried the same case with a sample J2ME application on the device. When i click on the fire key it launches the Soft key Menu instead of giving a key pressed event. I just wanted to know is this by design or is it a bug?

    Is this how all E71x's are working? Please do respond with some comments.


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    Re: Problems with Nokia E71x Fire key

    Hi Kotesh,

    I too found the same issue on Nokia E71x, please let me know if you have found any solution on this, it is urgent.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Problems with Nokia E71x Fire key

    Let's talk about this in the matching post over in the Java forum...

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