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    Question Gauge item and Touch UI

    I am developing for touch UI S60 devices (N97 & X5800).
    I want to make a slider that the user could change value sliding the thumb over it, I was thinking of using a Gauge item for that.

    In the Nokia Library it is stated:
    "All focusable Items gain focus on touch down events. Touch down and drag does not have effect in all Items, but when internal focus change is possible (ChoiceGroup, DateField) drag can be used. Gauge value can also be changed by dragging the thumb."
    However, I don't get it to work. By default the Gauge item increments its value by one when the user touch it, nothing more. How can I retrieve touch sliding events and update the gauge value accordingly?
    Thank you

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    Re: Gauge item and Touch UI

    Still no idea on how to make a slider with touch UI?
    It's unbelievable that there is no slider widget available...

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