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    A question about CommsDat API


    I would like to know whether CommsDat API is suitable to Wi-Fi access point management. I have too much troubles with it.

    For example, I want to get a linked record from Service table (CCDWlanServiceRecord), traversing from IAP table. Here is my code:

    CMDBSession* iDb = CMDBSession::NewL(CMDBSession::LatestVersion());
    CMDBRecordSet<CCDIAPRecord>*  ptrIapRecordSet = new (ELeave) CMDBRecordSet<CCDIAPRecord>(KCDTIdIAPRecord);
    TInt i(0);
    while (i < ptrIapRecordSet->iRecords.Count())
    	CCDIAPRecord* ptrIapRecord = static_cast<CCDIAPRecord *>(ptrIapRecordSet->iRecords[i]);
    	_LIT(KSearch, "myadhoc");
    	if(ptrIapRecord->iRecordName.GetL() == strLANService)
    		CCDWlanServiceRecord* iWLanService = static_cast<CCDWlanServiceRecord*>(ptrIapRecord->iService.iLinkedRecord);
    		_LIT(Str2, "iWlanSSID");			
    		notifier.Notify(Str2, iWLanService->iWLanSSID.GetL(), KButt1, KButt2, whichbutton, stat);
    I recieve a User::Leave on method GetL(). As it is inline, I can see the source of my problem. It is here, in User::Leave:

    inline CMDBField<TYPE>& GetL()
    		if(IsNull() && !(ElementId() & KCDChangedFlag))
    			User::Leave(KErrNotFound); //todo commsdat specific error code
    		return (TYPE&)iValue;
    I cannot what is the reason of this leave. Am I doing something wrong with CommsDat, or is it a bug in it, or what? Can someone give me a guidance?

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    Re: A question about CommsDat API


    Has there been any progress on this issue? For example, how can you get/set the predefined ssid for an IAP via CommsDat API?

    As it seems, like described also on this other thread (http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=152441), that
    all those linkedrecords are NULL, is this a commsdat bug / incomplete implementation?

    Should that information be in?:

    CCDWlanServiceRecord::CMDBField<TDesC> iWLanSSID;


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