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Thread: gps problem

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    gps problem

    Hi there,

    Few days ago, I just bought nokia n79, but gps doesnt work properly, i can connect to satellites but cannot get my location cord.

    do you have any idea what is the problem???

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    Re: gps problem

    Unfortunately it won't help asking about end user product problems here on Forum Nokia. Forum Nokia is for developer support. You may better ask such end user product problems here: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

    Anyways note that GPS works poorly indoors. You may need to go outside in the open sky to get better results.

    All the best.
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    Re: gps problem

    The one possible problem is related to the Internet Connectivity Problems.

    1) If you see the message 'No Internet connection. Please check your network settings' when you start up Maps, you need to assign a network to the application.
    2) To do this, click Options, highlight Settings and click Select
    3) On the Settings screen, highlight Network and press the centre selection key
    4) When the Network page opens, highlight Default access point and press the centre selection key
    5) A list of available networks will appear (both wireless WLAN networks and mobile web connections).
    6) Highlight the connection you want to use and click OK to see it in the Default access point field

    After this steps you have to plan the Route.....

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