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    MMS to a real phone.


    i've been creating and testing many MMs messages using GoLive with NDS and all results were great..

    the problem now is that i failed to transfer any to my 7650, 7210.
    i tested that for both IR and bluetooth.
    is there anyone who can help?
    how to send a MMs to real phones?

    thanks in advance.

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    You cannot send MMS messages via IR or bluetooth to a real mobile phone. To deliver MMS messages to your real phone, you will need a real-live network... so the MMS Messaging Client on your phone actually recieves an MMS Notification, then it will go fetch the MMS message from an MMSC.

    I assume you have used...

    Nokia Mobile Internet Tool kit
    with the 7210 handset simulator (to simulate sending MMS messages to a Series40 phone).

    Nokia MMSC EAIF Emulator to simulate an MMSC (so that you don't need a live network).

    The nearest thing to a Nokia 7650 is the "Series60 SDK" which comes with a mobile phone Simulator which will display your test MMS messages. It is really very accurate and good for testing SMIL...(unless you mean to test your graphics/sound quality).

    Follow the examples in the "Getting started with MMS" document at Forum.Nokia.com to see how you can put all the tools together to simulate having a test network on your PC!

    After all of this... your next step will be to test on a real mobile network.

    You can request remote testing at one of the Nokia Developer Hub test labs (located all over the world). Just go to the "Developer Support" section of Forum.Nokia.com.

    Have fun!

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