Hi everyone!

I am new here so hope you can bare with for just a moment so I can tell you my story.

I want to by a good business phone (right now I have two Nokia phones at the same time). So I went and looked at a blueberry (don't know if I am aloud to write other band names here) and I went WOW this is so good ....but... after now 7 weeks of research I do not want a blueberry (by the way their new phones are just twicked old ones, not what I want for 500€, and it also shows that they can't renew themselfs). I want a Nokia e72 ... but... well whats wrong with it?

Nothing is wrong with it per se. This is my thoughts (and I know that Nokia is "new" on this type of phones)

I've tryed the e71(very similar to the e72) and it look and feel great on the outside. It has super battery time. the technical specifications on it is so much better then the blueberry's. Then what's the problem I hear you say silently?
Well I don't like Symbian Os and the screen (the same on e72). It's hard for me to see things on the screen...every thing is so small and it makes the screen feel crowded and at the same time it makes the phone feel old/not fresh. I am not a snob but I really need a phone that keeps me interested. The interface feels so old and is not smooth like the plamtree or the blueberry. And now I have seen and heard about the maemo 5, all I have to say is WOW.

What is it I want want to say?

I am a business man and a need a phone that helps me but at the same time feels fresh. Everything I have bought from you guys has always been the best! It has lasted me on average 2,5 years. Now I really need a good business phone in the e series. I really love the e71/72 layout!, but the screen and the OS just feels old, evan before the launch of the e72. And that's why I will wait one more year... but ... I want a phone now!

PROUD Nokia owner for 15 years!

P.S. I hear thing like Nokia is going to buy Palmtree. This would be a really good strategy but make sure that you get good organizational fit! D.S.