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    OVI Publishing as Java Verified Test House


    We are currently attempting to get our first J2ME application through the java verified process with the aim of publishing it through OVI (should it be accepted).

    The java verified web site lists four main test houses on its "public" pages, however, the java verified submission portal lists "OVI Publishing" as one of the available java verified test houses when actually submitting an application for java verified signing. Since this is where we wish to (at least initially) publish our content, we chose OVI as the java verified test house to use.

    That was on the 10th October (just over two weeks ago).

    Since then, we have heard nothing. No emails, no acknowledgement, no request for payment. Nothing appears to have been downloaded by anyone other than ourselves in the java verified portal application history.

    We have emailed the contact email address at java verified who responded quickly and recommended that we contact OVI Publishing directly. We used the online "contact" form for OVI publishing last week to ask what the status of the test was, but again, we have heard nothing back.

    As other test houses (RelQ etc) require payment for java verified testing (and promise a fairly quick turnaround in the order of a few days), we were at least expecting an acknowledgment of the test request from OVI and a request for payment.

    Since our application is now stuck in the java verified submission portal with a test status of "Test in Progress" what can we do to find out:

    a) Has OVI actually received the test application?
    b) What is the turnaround time for java verified testing by OVI?
    c) If the turnaround time for java verified is currently experiencing delays, how can we remove our application from OVI Publishing in order to get it tested by another java verified test house who would be able to turnaround the process quicker?

    As a first experience of OVI publishing, it has not been particularly impressive.

    Gordon Read
    Gemecter Limited

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    Re: OVI Publishing as Java Verified Test House

    We have just received the following from OVI Publishing:

    Unfortunately, at this moment Nokia OVI is not providing any java verified testing to any publisher. We are not sure why it's selectable by your company in the java verified test. Please select another testhouse instead.

    So, I'll get on to the java verified people to find out whats going on - our app is still stuck waiting for a test result.

    Gordon Read

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    Re: OVI Publishing as Java Verified Test House

    If you haven't seen it already, I wrote a thread on my experiences with JavaVerified: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=166673

    However this was before they updated their submission website, so things may have changed a bit.

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    Re: OVI Publishing as Java Verified Test House

    We have contacted the javaverified people and they have now rejected our submission - so we can now resubmit the application to another test house.

    I've also emailed publishtoovi.support@nokia.com with a screen shot showing OVI Publishing as an available test house.


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