I hope I'm at the right place some problems (bugs).
I've noticed 2 bugs in the Clock application:

One has to do with the daylight saving time. I have a few alarms that run every week and when the time went a hour back (last Sunday) my alarm from 9AM woke me up @8AM. All my alarms went a hour back (e.g. the alarm from 6PM went to 5PM...). Now I got up at one hour to early but a don't want to wake up 1 hour to late when the time changes again!

My second problem is also with the alarms. When you deactivate an alarm (that occurs every week), you pass the alarm time and then you activate it again it will sound immediately.
For example: You have an alarm @8PM (every week) but you woke up early so you deactivate your 8PM alarm at 7PM and you activate it after 8PM it will automatically sound. It doesn't sound when you shut off the phone and then activate the alarm.

Both problems occurred with my Nokia e71 (Symbian S60 300.21.012).