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    QT apps don't access internet

    I've managed to install the fluidlauncher demo on an N96.The app runs great except the applications that need internet like weather,FLight,browser app don't even attempt to connect to the internet and just say loading and don't do anything.

    Other symbian/java apps on the phone have no problem connecting to the internet.
    Any ideas as to why Qt apps don't connect?


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    Re: QT apps don't access internet

    This is due to our hack code to disable IAP queries.
    Check that your default IAP is the first one created.
    If not you can modify the code in those examples to not to call qt_SetDefaultIap()

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    Re: QT apps don't access internet

    You can check source code of FTP or Anomaly examples. There you can see how to set default IAP.

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