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    Is this Bluetooth cellphones application feasible?

    I need to build a system that will detect the presence of a number of cellphones (not simutaneously, only detects one after the other) through Bluetooth. The cellphone could be any brand or model, but they all have bluetooth.

    The operation will be something like that:-
    The system is first paired with each of the cellphones one by one. The system is supposed to remember which cellphone has paired with it. In the future, when a particular cellphone approach the system, the user just need to press a button on the cellphone, the cellphone will be recognised by the system. The system will verify if it has paired before, if it is, the system will do something, if not paired before, the system will ignore it.

    Is this application possible with the technology we have today?

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    Re: Is this Bluetooth cellphones application feasible?

    I think you can do that but we have limitation to max number that can be connected.

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