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    System authorisation prompt when request made with wrong credentials

    I hope that there's anyone that could help me with it as I'm struggling a bit.
    Is there any way of getting rid of the prompt whenever response with 401-Not Authorized is returned for an ajax request?
    I'm making an ajax call with basic authorization. Everything's fine as long as user gives a correct user-password combination. The problem starts when he/she enters wrong credentials: my xhr.onreadystatechange method is never called, but instead the beautiful system prompt is displayed asking for new credentials. Why is it such a problem? After successful logging in I can't be sure which credentials have been actually used to authorize the user, so I can't store them or even can't use them. Or maybe there's some way of getting the values that were entered into the prompt?
    I'd be extremely greatful for any tips.

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    Re: System authorisation prompt when request made with wrong credentials

    Have the same problem here

    This should be a bug.

    Can somebody help with this issue?

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    Re: System authorisation prompt when request made with wrong credentials


    Bumping up this old thread as the issue with the dialog has emerged again. Unfortunately this is browser functionality and cannot be controller from WRT. Every time a server returns 401 the user / password dialog is shown.
    You can only avoid the prompt, if you pass the correct user name and password in authorization header at the first place (xmlhttprequest.setRequestHeader("Authorization", auth); )

    There is no way to handle wrong password situation in widget since information about wrong credentials will newer reach the widget. In addition you cannot get values user entered into the dialog either


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