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    Nokia N97 Issues

    Hello everyone

    I just joined to discuss some issues about Nokia N97 which I recently purchased.

    Being Nokia's top pf the range high-end device I expected it to be perfectly designed and built. Its a shame nokia put the old s60 OS on it with lots of bugs.

    I love the design but its features and its software is actually disgusting. Especially now that I upgraded to version 12 its even worse.

    WIFI absolutely sucks. When I am connected to an accesspoint say my home wireless networking, its all good apps on home screen connect to internet ok. Once I go out of range it starts erroring saying can not connect to the accesspoint. Once you reach a new place with a new free wifi accesspoint, it does not connect to it or if it does, home apps still trying to connect to the old accesspoint.

    then apps like facebook wont run anymore untill I clean the old accesspoints and restart my phone...

    How annoying is that?

    everytime i go to a different location, I must delet all accesspoints and connect to a new one then until i dont restart my phone apps like facebook wont work.

    I do also have problems with GPS. I can locate myself at home very poor signal though. and its not accurate I am number 24 in my street and it shows my location number 22.

    Also when I go to a different area and try to find my current location, when I click on my position, it still shows my house when I am downtown in the city or anywhere else...

    It is a shame on Nokia for developing such a faulty phone supposedly known as their High-End Top of the Range product.

    for AUD $1000 this phone aint worth more than $500.

    I had the phone for 2 weeks and had to delete facebook and instal again over 10 times and so with my access points. I love the design but i hate its operation.

    Also when you wnna type numbers on the keyboard, there is no Num Lock button. every time you wanna insert a number yo have to press the arrow button which is like a shift key.

    I hope Nokia releases a new updat which will fix this all...

    How can I stop auto wireless detection? and if I do that then my home apps wont be able to coonect to internet and it asks for connectiong to internet again....which then causes script errors and wont let it run unless you restart the phone and connect to any access point available...but once you get out of range you have to do what I said again....delet restart connect....extremely frustrating....

    and its made in china not finland anymore....for a high end expensive it should have been made professionally back in the home land....

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    Re: Nokia N97 Issues

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer discussion board, as this DiBo concentrates on development related issues, you might find more end-user problems related Dibo better suited for your query. Here's link for one: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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    Re: Nokia N97 Issues

    I join your critics about the N97. We have smart J2ME software for managing secret private data, which uses all J2ME features intensively. And we have massive problems with N97.

    Among others: threads crash on every regular use ....

    Will there be any Nokia response ?

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