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    Python doesn't write text file on phone

    Hi all,

    I made a simple script that works on my PC, but doesn't on my phone. It's just this:

    filename = "test83.txt"
    x = 'hello world'
    FILE = open(filename,"w")
    So on my PC it creates a textfile with 'hello world' in the same directory as the .py script. But on my phone nothing happens - no file is created. Might there be some sort of restriction that my script is not allowed to write files?
    I'm using a nokia 5800 (fw 21.0.025), with Python 1.9.4 runtime and 1.9.4 script shell. I am running the script from script shell.

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    Re: Python doesn't write text file on phone

    It does create just not in the directory that you are expecting. The above example created the file in the PRIVATE directory of scriptshell that you can't access.

    Your best option is to provide a full path. If you want to create it in the directory where the script is located I think
    will give that to you.


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    Re: Python doesn't write text file on phone

    I would recommend using c:\data or e:\data directory, can be accessed freely by anyone.



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    Re: Python doesn't write text file on phone

    filename = u"E:\system\Apps\Python\test83.txt"

    x = 'hello world'

    FILE = open(filename,"w")

    #complete pathname is required
    # u signifies unicode file
    #E drive is MemCard
    #C drive is phone memory, D is RAM, Z is ROM

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