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    Broken Glass N86

    i dropped my N86 8mp and have broken the glass on the screen the screen its self if ok and the phone is working ok but the glass is cracked.
    Where can i get this repaired?
    How much will it cost in ££

    I don’t think i could cope for very long with out my phone.

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    Re: Broken Glass N86

    You can find the service ("Nokia Care Point") locator on http://www.nokia.com/support - note that the end-user discussions are also located on the main Nokia site, http://www.nokia.com/discussions, consider asking about other users' experiences with service prices there.

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    Re: Broken Glass N86

    Unfortunately, this is not the right place to ask such questions. You should better visit Nokia service center nearby your location.

    Forum Nokia is for developer support only. You may ask such end user product problems here: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/.
    Nokia Developer Wiki Moderation team

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