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    Unhappy [moved] How to send data to a remote server (was: help me..)

    hi all

    TBuf<20> name;

    TInt num;
    num = this->iSettings->IntegerEditor1();
    TTime exp;
    exp = this->iSettings->DateEditor1();
    TInt cvv;
    cvv = this->iSettings->IntegerEditor2();
    now i want to send these name num exp cvv to the server.. i have established connection between server to client..
    how should i do that..

    here i found methods like OpenSessionL,IssueHTTPGetL,SetHeaderL,DumpRespHeadersL,MHFRunL,MHFRunError,GetCredentialsL..

    but not anything like post.. please help me..do i have to declare my own method like post and have to give definition to that..?
    is there any predefined method like post on which i have to override the defintion...

    please guide me please..

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    Re: help me..

    Your code segment as nothing to do with your problem, your thread's title is too generic (and you have another one with the same titile) and if you are looking for a networking solution then you better post your question to the "Symbian Networking and Messaging" forum.

    Now, if you want to send data to a server you must first clarify for yourself what type of server that is. If it is a HTTP server then HTTP POST is one option although small amount of info could be eventually encoded in the URL to be fetched by a GET. There are HTTP examples available in the SDK and on Forum Nokia so you need to do a bit of reading then coding your app will be a piece of cake.
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    Re: [moved] How to send data to a remote server (was: help me..)

    And if you open IssueHTTPGetL() from that example, you would find HTTP::EGET after few lines, there you need to change it to HTTP::EPOST. There would be other changes to make it to post but you can find it out.

    You may try searching HTTP::EPOST + symbian on google and see where does it lead you.
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    Re: [moved] How to send data to a remote server (was: help me..)

    Hi http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...P_with_RSocket will help you in understanding HTTP connections

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