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    WRT Comm Manager Widget


    I am trying to create a very simple widget, but have reached only dead-ends so far. Before I look up any more information on the net, I'd like someone's confirmation on the following facts:

    1. A widget in mini-view cannot have independent buttons / controls. The only action you can perform on it is resize that triggers the "onresize" events. Though, some widgets can do this, like the N97 built-in "Application Launcher".

    2. You cannot set the network mode, only read its status. What I need is a way to change GSM mode to WCDMA and vice-versa. According to the documentation, this is impossible.

    3. You cannot set the bluetooth mode, only read its status. What I need is a way to enable and disable bluetooth via a button control and javascript. According to the documentation, this is impossible.

    4. Launch an application just like the app launcher of N97 can. As far as button / control operation in mini-view goes this seems impossible.

    5. Prevent a widget from expanding if the user activates it. I don't need the mini-view to expand in full-screen size. The widget has to be mini-view / home screen ONLY and NEVER expand. Given the enforced behavior and the impossibility to add controls in mini-view, this is impossible.

    Anyone, please confirm my findings so I stop wasting my time trying to find a way to create this basic and simple widget.


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    Re: WRT Comm Manager Widget

    Have you researched using java widsets to make your widget instead of WRT? Java might give more flexibility for your concept compared to WRT, though I am not sure if you can have a home screen app as a widset.

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    Re: WRT Comm Manager Widget

    Hi cheatman,

    about your questions:

    1) Right: only fired JavaScript event for home-screen widgets is the onresize. The widgets you're referring to are most probably realized by using other technologies (e.g.: Symbian C++)

    2, 3, 4, 5) Right: it is not possible

    Hope it helps,

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    Re: WRT Comm Manager Widget

    Thanks for the replies. And yes, it helps in the sense that I can stop working on my widget, at least until I get the nasty urge to get the compilers and debuggers on my system. I'm not really keen on getting back to coding C++ again, so....

    Thanks a bunch for the feedback guys.


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