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    open local port to receive data


    i have an application which will receive data from a server. first i give the server the destination port where it should send me the packets. but, this port is hardcoded by me and not actually opened.

    if i do

    ServerSocketConnection ssc = (ServerSocketConnection) Connector.open("rtp://localhost:49172");
    it gives me a ConnectionNotFound exception. i've also have tried other protocols like socket, http

    please advice,
    Thank you.

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    Re: open local port to receive data

    Three things:

    1. If you check the JavaDocs for ServerSocketConnection, you'll see that the URL format is "socket://:4567" (where 4567 is the port number).

    2. Support for ServerSocketConnection is optional in MIDP. Many devices do not support it (it is not supported on Series 40, for example).

    3. On devices that do support ServerSocketConnection (such as MIDP-2 Series 60s), it can only be used for communication between applications running on the same device. It cannot be used for in-bound connections from the network, since the phone does not have a publically accessible IP address.


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    Re: open local port to receive data

    Thanks Graham.

    well, my scenario is that (i run this in emulator)

    after the other party has accepted a SIP invite, then i read the SDP and gain the IP and Port where to send outgoing audio. and i think for the incoming audio sent by the other party, i need to open the port that i've specified in my INVITE SDP.

    i've seen in Wireshark that the other party is constantly sending me RTP packets, but i couldnt process it as the port specified in my SDP is not actually open.

    anyone has solved this problem? any opinion&advice will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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