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    I compile a pyd but will cause the program hang up after exit on S60 3rd FP2 phone...

    My program is based on python s60 1.45, I am using S60 3rd fp1 sdk to develop a pyd using in my program, the pyd module is working fine on S60 3rd fp1 phone, but on S60 3rd fp2, when user try to exit the program, it will hangup, user have to use jbak taskman to terminate the program. If the pyd module not imported on fp2 phone, the program will exit normally.

    Should I use s60 3rd fp2 sdk to compile the pyd file? Or is there anything else I missed?

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    Re: I compile a pyd but will cause the program hang up after exit on S60 3rd FP2 phon

    I have similar problem. Occurs in 3rd fp0 (N73) and 5th edition (XpressMusic 5530)

    However, I'm using pys60 community edition, so the details are bit different. In pys60 ce the extensions are build-in to pythoncommunity.dll, not dynamically loaded .pyds.

    Here is how to reproduce:

    1. Use module such as inbox so bind a callback from c++ code to python.
    import inbox
    the_inbox = inbox.Inbox()
    print "started"
    app_lock = e32.Ao_lock()

    2. Close pys60 shell

    Python interpreter is left running on the background. However, it is a zombie process, it does not show up in normal task list, only in the processes listing (I'm using y-tasks).

    Notice that this causes really nasty side-effect: the python dll is left on the memory. If I update the python.dll with separate sis, it will update the copy on disk, but it will not update the dll that is already loaded on memory. So when I start the pys60 shell next time, it will use the old in-memory copy. (Spend over day figuring out this fragging problem).

    I think this same problem also occurs if you have socket.recv call pending when you close down the pys60 shell.

    So when you say "program hang up", do you mean it is still visible on the phone task list, or is zombie, just visible on the process listing?

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    Re: I compile a pyd but will cause the program hang up after exit on S60 3rd FP2 phon

    Many thanks to simo.salminen.

    Finally I slove this problem by using S60 3rd FP2 SDK to compile the pyd file, and the size of the new file is smaller than the one compiled by FP1/MR SDK, there's no change to the source code.

    And now the new pyd module works fine on FP1/FP2 phones.

    Thanks again!

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