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    Listening HTTP AJAX request


    i am developing a very basic webserver running on my mobile phone.

    i am using socket connection to listen port 80.

    on the other side i have an HTML site sending reqeust to my webserver via AJAX with open method

    XMLHttpRequest.open('HEAD', '' + cmd_txt,true);

    My problem is that i cant receive any data in my webserver.

    in = client.openInputStream();
    ch = in.read();

    How can i read incoming HTTP AJAX request with openInputStream or should ı use any other method?


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    Cool Re: Listening HTTP AJAX request

    There are multimple factors invilved here, so please narrow down the problem.

    * It looks like your client (browser) is also running on the same device

    * What type of browser are you using? (with sufficient jscript/ajax support)

    * Is the browser able to connect directly with your back-end webapp? (typing http://localhost/blah.blah)

    * Write another small client app to simulate the browser and try to open a Socket connection to localhost:80 and see if your web application receives the connection.


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