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Thread: Re-downloading

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    I see that not only does Ovi allow redownloading of a purchased app (Which really should have been available from the beginning), it is now no longer associated with the original device that the application was purchased for.

    So now, any user willing to give out his Ovi account login can let anyone of his friends also download the application, which is something we certainly don't think is kosher.

    With that said, I believe it should be up to the developer's own discretion as to what the "replacement" policy should be. If a developer wants to opt out of this far-too-lenient re-download policy, I think we should be able to, and indicate the policy on each application's product page. I for one will only release feature-reduced, or outdated versions of our applications via Ovi due to this new policy and the complete lack of a proper DRM solution.

    - Josh

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    Unhappy Re: Re-downloading

    I can sympathize with your point of view, but the legal situation in many countries law states that the end supplier is responsible for the purchaser problems. IMHO the chances of a user letting others download using there account is less than problem associated with DRM, merely because people dont give out usernames/password unless they have been hacked, because they contain to much personal information.
    IMHO The ease of re-loading stops many people looking for ways to hack and illegally copy to get back something they legitimately bought.

    Most of the people who get a hacked/illegal version would not have bought it anyway.

    The way advertising of Ovi store is going, the users would have a hard job finding Ovi store, unless you have an N97 where its already installed.

    Try finding consumer orientated documentation on how load Ovi to an N95 for example. You can only find it on a thread here!.

    The Apple app store adverts are 30 times greater than Ovi store adverts in U.K. ( I have seen 2 on Tv in 3 weeks)

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    Re: Re-downloading

    "essentially, you can re-download purchased apps provided you're logged in with the same user name and on the same physical phone as was used for the purchase" allaboutsymbian

    I guess that would mean it's IMEI restricted.

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