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Thread: Emulate a Tag

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    Emulate a Tag


    Can anybody help me with this:

    Is it possible to create a MiDlet for the 6212 where you can select the type of tag you want to emulate(iso144443, Mifare, etc)? Maybe even select the UID you want the emulated tag to have?

    Any information about creating an application that makes the phone work as a common tag to be read by another 6212 would be very useful.

    So far I've read about secure element, javacard, unlockMidlet,internal car and stuff like that but nothing is actually really clear and I am not sure if anything of this is even useful or they are talking about the SDK or using external rfid reader.


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    Re: Emulate a Tag

    Are you talking about emulating a tag in the emulator or having the phone behave as if it was a tag?

    The first one is handled by the NFC Manager of the SDK. You can't control this in your J2ME code.

    The second one is possible and is documented in the SDK documentation. The 6212 Classic has two internal tag: a smartcard and a Mifare 1k (or is it 4k?). The smartcard is more secure, but a bit more complicated to access as you'll need to use a cardlet. The Mifare tag is less secure but easy to access: you just use it as you would use any Mifare 1k/4k tag except that you get the URL with a System.getProperty (the property String to use can be found in the documentation).

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