I have an idea for a project. I am tired of blind and visually impaired people having to pay $300 for Nuance Talks. So I want to make my own screen reader or have one programmed using all free open source components such as ESpeak for speech output and brltty for braille output.
A screen reader is a
software application
that attempts to identify and interpret what is being displayed on the screen (or, more accurately, sent to
standard output,
whether a
video monitor
is present or not). This interpretation is then re-presented to the user with
sound icons,
or a
Braille output device.
Screen readers are a form of
assistive technology
(AT) potentially useful to people who are
visually impaired,
learning disabled,
often in combination with other AT, such as
screen magnifiers.

If anyone is wiling to help me or volunteer to write this free open source software that will be released under the gnu general public license please email me at jkenn337{at}gmail{dot}com . the words in braces represent punctuation such as the AT SIGN and PERIOD.

Josh Kennedy