We are trying to implement SIP Client Application. We are using Asterisk SIP server on server side application.

We are able to register and Invite through Asterisk. but we are facing one issue in it which is when client application sends a request to server. Asterisk server send some information through proxy. at the time of sending information through proxy it ignore some headers (Accept-Contact) which were present in J2ME SIP client application.

We just want to know that is there any solution to restrict SIP server that it should include all header sent by client application or is there any other solution to solve my problem.

We have also checked by adding header on SIP server application. that worked fine for send information to proxy but this updates incoming request too. Now in incoming request we get value for Accept-Contact as "*type="application/something"" instead of "*;type="application/something"" i.e. ';' is missing there.

Manjeet Singh