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    My Doubt : Py2sis without runtime

    I have to develop an application which runs on all symbian phones . That application has to read SMS from inbox ,IMEI, send it to a URL . I found out that this is possible in python . I also found out that it is possible to create a .sis file for the application . But I think I cant run the .sis file without python runtime environment . Now I cant expect my customers to run python run time environment . I want to give them one package that runs out of the box after installing . Now Can I do this in python or I have to look after Symbiam C++ as with j2me I cant read the SMS inbox

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    Re: My Doubt : Py2sis without runtime

    And is there a way I can give the python runtime also . Please advice if i should follow symbian or python

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    Re: My Doubt : Py2sis without runtime

    You can use Ensymble's mergesis function to combine the Python runtime sis and your application into one sis. Read the documentation about mergesis carefully:

    There is a short overview of this situation here:

    You should tell us what version of PyS60 you want to use (1.4.5 or 1.9.x)

    As for deciding between Python and Symbian C++, it really depends on what you're more confortable with and whether that language gives you access to what you need. I'd recommend Python because you can achieve a lot with very little work.
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