I tried to find how to report a bug to Nokia developpers and this forum is the closest I could get. I hope someone will pass this on to the appropriate department. I am just a simple user.

My mobile is a Nokia 6700 classic. s/w details: V07.90, RM-470.
I use the large analog clock (found in a screensaver).
When I press the menu button while the keys are locked, the clock will display for a few seconds. The seconds hand is then moving but the main hands are frozen in the position they had when the keys got locked. This persists when I unlock the keys, until the seconds hand passes the 12. Then the main hands update to the current time.

So, when checking the time, while the keyboard is locked, the clock will tell you when the keyboard was locked, not what time it is.

I have tested repeatedly and it reproduces.
I thought someone should alter this behaviour since it is certainly not what the user expects.