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    MMS Notification format

    Does anyone know the exact format of the SMS string that should be sent to perform an MMS notification?

    I need to do this programatically as I'm hosting my own .mms files on a web server. I don't want to use the Nokia SDK's as I want it to work using any phone. Also, I'd rather connect to a mobile as a modem device and send out the MMS notification message using standard AT commands or such like.

    Up until now I've had this all working (ie. hosting my own MMS files and posting the notifications which direct the phone to pick up the file from my server instead of the service providers host), but I've been sending out the MMS notificiations by connecting to the mobile as a modem and using the NowSMS web interface to send out the notifications. I'd rather code it myself though so as not to rely on any other 3rd party products.

    I've looked through WAP forum/3GPP docs, but they are a minefield! What I need to know is the exact structure of the MMS notifcation.

    thanks in advance for any help

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    Using search with "notification" keyword generates some results.

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