Im making a specific purpose http client (interacts only with one webpage).
My app needs to store cookies.
I managed to store cookies in a variable (through THTTPEvent::EGotResponseHeaders), but now im listening to THTTPEvent::ESubmit Event but it never gets fired.
I need to catch the event after RHTTPTransaction::SubmitL() so i can inject headers to the transaction before it begins.
The code is this:
void CHttpEventHandler::MHFRunL(RHTTPTransaction aTransaction,
		const THTTPEvent& aEvent)
	switch (aEvent.iStatus)
		case THTTPEvent::ESubmit:
			//This event never gets fired
			User::InfoPrint(_L("Submitting Transaction!"));
			//TODO : inject cookies 
		} // end switch
Have anyone passed through this problem?
Is there a better way to inject cookies to a transaction (independly its a GET or POST) before its submitted?