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    Client Server Application Using a SmartPhone

    I need to build the following:

    I have five mobile phones in a country where there is a single monopoly telephone company. SMS services are currently available in the country in question.

    I have a PC with a simple database. I want to connect one of the phones to this PC so it will act as a server to the four remaining phones(clients). From the four client phones, I want to send a simple query like a customer #, and get back about 5 lines of information from the server, like name and address of the customer queried.

    Please guide me in building this simple client server application and implement it on the architecture and available communication platform described within the first paragraph.

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    Re: Client Server Application Using a SmartPhone


    You need a 3-tier architecture

    - The application layer deploys Java MIDlets on mobile handsets for sending the information like customer# to the server. It interacts with the server via network access points like GPRS.
    - The transaction-processing layer consists of servlets for interfacing with the server database.
    - The storage layer is the database that holds the customer information.

    Application layer MIDlets can developed in J2ME. (Client application)
    Transaction processing layer can be implemeted in JSP. (Server)
    Storage layer can be any database. (Database)

    The Client application links to the server application via an HTTP connection.
    Servlets are java code modules that run in a server application to answer client requests, which internally query to database.

    Hope this help you!!!


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