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    Post PushRegistry problem

    Hi all,

    I use the nokia 6121 S40 SKD and i am trying to get this script to work:

    The script runs fine but i don't know how to configure the tag.

    I tried creating a tag in the nfc manager:

    mifare 1k
    edit the tag and choose
    set record string to

    Start the program in the emulator.
    Register the record.
    Close the application.
    Click on my created tag.
    But then i get an error saying "unknown service type".

    Can some help me?

    Greetings NeokGlitch
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    Re: PushRegistry problem

    In the MIDP tab of the emulator's preferences, you have to uncheck "Override default handset behavior" or select "OTA Provisioning".
    This way, the application will stay installed even after you closed it, while in "Direct Loading" mode it's only loaded when running.

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