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    play non mp3(extension) sound

    Hi all..
    I wanna develop music player, that only my music player can play that sound (native application can't)

    the first of all.. I want to change the extension, of *.mp3 to something else (example *.mgm).. so the native player don't show my content..
    but, when I try to change the extension to be *.mgm (the data itself isn't changed),

    ic = (FileConnection) Connector.open("file:///e:/contoh.mgm", Connector.READ_WRITE);
    in = ic.openInputStream();
    player = Manager.createPlayer(in, "audio/mpeg");
    My java application can't play itself too...
    Is there any solution for that? change the extension but I still can play it only on my J2ME application??

    the second question, I want to change it's bits, (standard encryption like convolution, or inversion) so my content can't play except on my application..
    any solution for InputStream bit encryption/decryption??

    FYI, I test my application on SE(and will nokia) phone..

    thx for the reply. I'm appreciate that..
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    Re: play non mp3(extension) sound

    well what kind of an exception are you getting when you are trying to play such a file ?

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