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    N97 issue with cookie ?

    Hi ,

    I have created one WRT application which uses cookies to store data. Th application works fine on the Nnokia 5800 but on the Nokia N97 it gives error for cookies.

    Can anybody suggest something on this.

    Do anybody Knows about how to enable or disable cookies for the WRT. I have checked that The settings for the Browser cookies are not working with the WRT cookies settings.

    Thanks and Regards,
    -- Vishal Kardode

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    Re: N97 issue with cookie ?

    Hi Vishal,

    I have not extensive experience with cookies within WRT widgets. Anyway, my personal advice would be to use the well documented setPreferenceForKey() and preferenceForKey() widget's methods in order to store and load data from a Web Runtime widget, since they're guaranteed to be available and work on all WRT runtimes.


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