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    Invalid Application

    I downloaded the Sample applications from Nokia dev site, loaded both jar and jad files onto my 6085 via bluetooth, and when I tried to run them I see "Invalid application, delete?" notice. I tried "SVGProject", and others.

    Yes, I did read the "Why doesn't my Midlet Run" article.
    Yes, I did try emptying the inbox, re-sending the JAD and JAR, and installing again.
    Also, since the code is from Nokia, I assume it's been built correctly.

    Anything else I can try?

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    Re: Invalid Application

    What sample applications did you download? I'm thinking that, while it might have been built correctly, it might not have been built for your phone. My guess would be that the JAD and MANIFEST are specifying MIDP-2.1, while your device supports only MIDP-2.0. Presumably, this isn't your problem since, if you have read the wiki article, you have already checked this. I don't know what you donwloaded, or from where, and you don't seem keen on posting the JAD and MANIFEST here (or in your other thread on the same subject), so I have no information to come up with any other guess.


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    Re: Invalid Application

    I was trying out LCDUI example and the scalable vector 2d graphics example at


    Both seem to be working now. I don't know what I did differently, though.

    Anyway, problem solved for now. Thanks for the responses.


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