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    a problem about how to compress data

    I am now developing a program which can judge a SMS is a rubbish SMS or not .
    And I have a database which is a hash . It contains plenty of float numbers which will be changed randomly and regularly . But it is about 3M , a little to big . so I want to compress it as much as possible .
    Does anyone has a solution to solve the problem ?

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    Re: a problem about how to compress data

    First you have to be sure that you can use your database after compression (like search for data in that compressed file) and then you will have no need to un-compress it for using it. Otherwise you will be in more trouble of un-compressing it for using and then more space will be used.

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    Re: a problem about how to compress data

    Thanks for your replying .
    The database is as small as plssible , but the volume of phone RAM is so small . So I have to find a way to store the constantly changing databse with less space .
    Do you have any solution ?

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    Re: a problem about how to compress data

    Maybe you could implement the database in server, then you would not need to have it in the devices, as well as you would only need to keep it updated in one place..

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