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    sending files to mobile

    Hello again.
    its not possible to have j2me access ms access because of lack of API. how can i send db records from ms access to j2me application THROUGH pc suite.
    example suppose you have one db on ur pc(backup) and another on ur mobile (main). i want to update one of them through the other. is there no way to do it using pc suite? its the only thing i can think off wihout having to create my own api and learn communication

    ok i just thought of something. i can have the new records on a txt file then send it to my mobile via pc suite. then my mobile will add the records. but how do i tell my mobile where to send the file? or are all files sent to ur mobile split nad placed in their respective locations and its me that has to tell my mob application where to go to find the txt files and get the records?

    ai ai ai i sense more work T-T

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    Re: sending files to mobile

    I think it might be easier to construct your own interface. A script or servlet running inside a webserver can talk to the phone (by HTTP, using an HttpConnection from the phone), and can talk to the Access database using JDBC/ODBC/whatever, depending on the technology you're working with. Provided you have access to a webserver, with some kind of scripting or servlet technology, this should be relatively straightforward.

    Transferring a file in the way you describe is likely to be messy, you're likely to run into security issues (which parts of the file system you can or cannot access, security prompts, and so on), and will probably be awkward to port to other devices.


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    Re: sending files to mobile


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