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    Submitting app for Ovi Store

    Hi There

    We are developing an application and would like to submit it for Ovi Store. For upload we need to have Publisher ID. Apart from the publisher id anything else that we need to take care like any other certificate before upload?

    Any information or documentation on this regard would be very helpful.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Submitting app for Ovi Store


    Contenr submitted should conform to Nokia's mobile content guidelines

    In order to publish content to Ovi Store, the following items must be prepared in advance of the submission process. These items include:
    • Packaged application.
    • If you’re submitting a Java application it will need to be packaged as a JAR and JAD pair and signed appropriately.
    • If you’re submitting a Symbian application it will need to be packaged as a .SIS file and be Symbian Signed (Express or Certified).
    • If you’re submitting a Flash Lite application it will need to be packaged as a .SIS file and be Symbian Signed (Express or Certified) if it’s for S60 devices. If it’s for Series 40 devices it must be published as an .NFL file.
    • Images (used to visually represent your application experience to a consumer). Make sure you have all of the necessary image sizes listed in section 4.4 Images and icons.
    • Icons. Used to identify your application on a consumer’s handset.
    • Name and description of the content item.
    A list of keywords to be used as metadata for your application enabling indexing and discovery via the Ovi Store search functionality.
    • Identify in advance the devices you wish to target
    • Identify in advance the appropriate countries to which you will distribute your content. Please keep in mind that content may be considered appropriate in some countries but not in others. For example, gambling and risqué content is prohibited in some Middle Eastern countries. Content example with your content items. <http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices>

    Thank you

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