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    Colours blending in on Display

    Hey, I've got a question regarding the displaying of graphics. In my MIDlet I am first drawing a rectangle that is black, inside of which I am drawing a filled Rectangle of a varying colour.

    The problem I have is that when the result is shown on the screen then the boxes don't look like they are lining up anymore. It looks as if the Black border around them in some cases is wider and in some cases less wide, depending on the colour the box is filled with.

    If I instead of drawing a black rectangle around them draw a white one then everything works fine, no problems at all.

    Has anyone else here encountered these kind of problems before ? And more importantly, does anyone have a suggestion on how I could avoid these problems, either by structuring my drawing loop differently or by some other means ?

    Oh yeah, I am encountering the problems on both the Nokia 7210 emulator as well as on an actual 7210.

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