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    Determine max sound resources

    hey guys,

    I would like to determine the maximum sound resources that may be prefetched and played at the same time.
    First let me just say that I assume that there is a limited amount of prefetched resources allowed,
    so my idea is to create and prefetch as many resources as possible until an exception is thrown and to count how many was allowed.
    I was thinking to do the same with the sound channels, to play sounds at the same time to determine how many can I play at the same time.

    I would run this once, at the first run, and save the data on the RMS, there would be an option to re-check the system properties, in case the data get corrupted,and every time I load the MIDlet again it just reads the data, and uses it.

    what do think?
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    Adam Zehavi.

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