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    iStatus in UDP always is KErrNone

    I wrote simple methot that send data by UDP

    void CUDPHandler::SendData()
        RSocketServ socketServ;
        TInt err;
        err = socketServ.Connect();
        // Open a socket    
        RSocket socket;
        User::LeaveIfError(socket.Open (socketServ,KAfInet,KSockDatagram,KProtocolInetUdp));
    When I check iStatus in RunL() methot is always return KErrNone. No mather what ip I set always I havent any errors. How can I check is data send? When I don`t use ActiveObject, (normal method and User::AfterHighRes(10000)) TRequestStatus is KErrNone only if Ip is correct.

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    Re: iStatus in UDP always is KErrNone

    Invoking asynchronous request on a local variable (in fact: on two local variables, since the RSocketServ also matters), then leaking it in the next line obviously can not work. Move the RXy-s to member variables.

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