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    GPS Time Synchronization


    We are using this call: IMPORT_C TTime TPositionSatelliteInfo::SatelliteTime ( ) const to obtain satellite time in order to synchronize mobile device with an accuracy of

    milliseconds. When mobile device is configured to use "Integrated GPS" an accuracy of seconds is obtained, however when A-GPS is configured we obtain an accuracy of milliseconds but this type of

    synchronization involve a delay (due to the use of the network connection) that we would like to avoid.

    is there any way to obtain a synchronization with an accuracy of milliseconds using the integrated GPS?

    The implementation of a GPS driver could be a solution...? Is this case, is it possible to implement a GPS driver? what kind of support should we need?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: GPS Time Synchronization

    Try to get the current UTC time as soon as you receive the location update.
    Compare the UTC time with the update time embedded in TPositionInfo (not the satellite time). It will give you an approximate skew time.
    Add the skew time to the satellite time when.

    The accuracy will be dependent on the CPU load and couple of other factors. As you said, ideally it should be implemented somewhere at the very bottom of the stack.

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    Re: GPS Time Synchronization

    Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will try it!!


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