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    Sending SMS within widget - Unicode support

    I had a problem recently while sending SMS messeages containing unicode characters within the widget.
    Actually, widget will not send the message but open the message windows with some pre-populated message body in it to allow user add recipients and modify ody before sending.

    Here is the existing code snipplet :

    var url = "sms:?body=" + escape(I18N["messageBody"] + BASE_URL + event.url);

    it works fine if the message body contains all non-unicode characters, but fails to open the message window with an error message if there are some non-ascii characters in it.

    I've tested encoding the message in several ways, including html and url encodings, but none of hem worked.

    I think this is an encoding problem, can you help me to find the correct encoding scheme?

    (btw, I checked this article :
    it's not what I'm trying to do, so it won't help much
    and I also found this, but it also did not help much:


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    Re: Sending SMS within widget - Unicode support

    Thanks for you question. I believe this, unfortunately, may be a limitation with our SMS platform services support, and I have talked to another developer about this. I don't think there is a workaround for the moment, but I will double check and report back to the discussion thread.

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