I've downloaded two polyphonic tones to my new phone (in the gallery section) which work fine. One of these is used as my default ringing tone (no profiles are set).
My problem is that I would like the other tone assigning to certain names in my address book. When I go to a name in my list > assign tone, I cannot access the tones in the gallery to select this tone.

However, when I go to select a general ringing tone, I go to the list of tones and I get the option 'open gallery' and can choose either of my tones from here. When I want to just assign certain people through the above method though, i do not get this option.

I've tried to move my tone from the gallery to the tones > ringtones list but you can't.

HELP! This is very frustrating as I've just purchased this over WAP sites and it seems I can only use one downloaded polyphonic tone as a main ringing tone -at a time.. and can't use them for assigning to names... ???